Should applicants already have received public funding in the past?

At the time of applying, applicants in the areas of theatre, dance and music should have already had at least one successful application for a publicly funded grant.

Is funding available for filmmaking projects?

No. The Fund does not finance filmmaking projects (feature films, documentaries, video clips, post productions etc.). However, funding is available for film series and exhibitions.

Does the Capital Cultural Fund in Berlin offer fellowships for artists?

The Fund does not finance fellowships for individual artists. For more information on artists’ fellowships sponsored by the city-state of Berlin, please visit the website of the Senate Department for Science, Research and Culture at

Should applicants apply for additional funding elsewhere?

Of course! Applicants are expressly encouraged to seek sponsors and additional funding, which should be included in the finance plan submitted with their application.

Can the same project application be used to apply to other foundations?

In principle, yes. Applicants should indicate which institutions they have applied to for funding, and in what amount. However, it is not possible to receive federal funding from two different sources; in particular, the relevant institutions are the German Federal Cultural Foundation (Halle an der Saale), the Fonds Darstellende Künste e.V., the Fonds Soziokultur, the Deutscher Literaturfonds (Darmstadt), the Deutscher Übersetzerfonds (Berlin) and the Kunstfonds e.V. (Bonn).

Is it possible in principle for other foundations to cooperate on project funding?

Yes. In the past, projects have had good experience in this area, for example with the Federal Agency for Civic Education, the Ernst Schering Foundation and the Allianz-Kulturstiftung

Is it possible to be awarded funding several years in a row?

The Fund provides no institutional or ongoing financing, thus no financing for continuing or successive projects or events is available.

Where can applicants get additional information and advice on submitting an application?

The office of the Capital Cultural Fund in Berlin offers assistance to those preparing funding applications. Fund curator Prof. Gereon Sievernich and office director Júlia Gutiérrez Peris are available to answer questions regarding formal and substantive issues.

Is it possible to re-submit an unsuccessful application?

In principle, a rejected application may be submitted for a second time. However, applicants should first consult Fund curator Prof. Gereon Sievernich or office director Júlia Gutiérrez Peris at the office of the Capital Cultural Fund in Berlin for advice.

Does anyone have the right to claim legal entitlement to funding?

No, no one may claim legal entitlement to funding from the Capital Cultural Fund in Berlin.

Will application materials be returned after the selection process is completed?

No, application materials and project descriptions will not be returned to applicants. Applicants may pick up one copy of any supporting materials submitted (e.g. catalogues, CDs, DVDs, video cassettes, etc.) at the office of the Capital Cultural Fund within two weeks of the Joint Committee’s announcement of its award decisions.

Do applicants have to be residents of Berlin?

Natural and legal persons in Germany and abroad are eligible to apply for funding; international partnerships are welcomed. Projects should be designed for and presented in Berlin. Projects should be carried out by or in cooperation with a Berlin sponsor. In the past, most applicants have been Berlin residents, which has proved advantageous in project planning and realization.

Do applicants have to indicate where the project will be carried out?

Yes. As part of the overall concept, this information is essential to the jury’s evaluation of the planned project.

Is it necessary to open a special bank account to receive funding?

Yes, successful applicants are required to open a special bank account.

Is funding available to cover the cost of documenting the project?

In principle, yes, as part of the overall realization of the project. No funding is available for catalogues alone.

Is funding available to cover the cost of advertising the project?

Yes, applicants should include estimated advertising expenses in the finance plan submitted with their application.

Can unsuccessful applicants find out why their project was rejected?

No reasons for rejection will be given. The substance of discussions by the jury and/or the Joint Committee will not be made public. However, the Fund curator will discuss with applicants the possible chances of success should they wish to re-submit their application.

How is the jury selected?

Jury members are chosen by the Joint Committee based on recommendations by the Fund's curator, Akademie der Künste Berlin-Brandenburg an Rat für die Künste in Berlin. Each member serves a two-year term. Jury members should be familiar with Berlin’s cultural life and have the professional qualifications necessary to accurately assess the requirements and results of cultural event.

How is the Fund’s curator selected?

The Fund’s curator is appointed by the Joint Committee for a two-year term which may be renewed once.

What are the curator’s responsibilities?

The Fund’s curator prepares the decisions of the Joint Committee, chairs the jury and attends its meetings as a non-voting member. The curator reports the jury’s recommendations to the Joint Committee and may present his/her own if desired. The curator is available two days a week at the office of the Capital Cultural Fund; applicants may contact the office to arrange to meet with the curator.